Friday, September 11, 2009

Renegade Chicago this weekend!


Yes, it's here again! I love Chicago, so I love going there, but this show is ALWAYS the weekend immediately following my birthday... so I usually delay really celebrating until after we get back. This year we're actually doing dinner + cake before we leave, plus we're doing what is literally our quickest trip in + out, so if you see me looking especially confused/exhausted (or just napping under the table) at the show, you'll know why.

We're in booth #145 this year! I'm listed at the show as traveling rhinos, but I'll have lots of migration stuff with me too! I'm sharing a space with the adorable bright lights, little city. We're in a corner spot, so we should be easy to find, especially with all the bright colored stuff we both make. If you get a chance to stop by, please mention this blog for 10% off ANY purchase from me.

Again, it's from 11-7 this Saturday + Sunday, September 12th + 13th. There are so many talented people and amazing things to see! Renegade website (and more details, directions, etc.) here!

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